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Streaming Robot Machining Code

Hi RoboDK Team,

In order to run machining projects over 3000 lines of machining code with a KUKA KR120 R 2700 Extra HA,
Do I need to purchase CamRob or Kuka CNC to automatically run a sculpting job on stone? I successfully optimized a job I needed to complete in under 3K lines of code, but is there a way to stream code from RoboDK directly to a Kuka KRC4 in RoboDK?

If not, Perfectly understood.

Recommendation on best tech pack from Kuka for this? RoboDk is exceptional on so many levels, but I need some guidance on what the best avenue is to perform 100 000 lines of code minimum.

Is there a prefix I can employ in my code from RoboDK to automatically run the next cycle?

Mike Rhodes,

Thank you!
RoboDK should automatically split long programs into smaller programs.

You can configure this setting here:
  1. Select Tools-Options
  2. Select the Program tab
  3. Set the maximum number of lines per program
By default, if you don't specify anything it will use the post processor default value (around 2500 lines per program for KUKA KRC2 and KUKA KRC4 controllers).

Are you having issues when splitting programs?
Hi Albert,

No issues at all when splitting the programs, I am just not sure how many lines of code my KRC4 can handle at a time. I have been told from other integrators that I need CamRob or KukaCNC to do this. I know I can change the settings in RoboDK on the incremental code output to allegedly 999999 lines, correct me if I am wrong.

I was machining a logo in granite on Friday, and the program was split into 12 segments, but I was not sure how to get the robot to run the next segment. Is there some programming prefix in Codium I need to introduce on the subsequent code files?

Let me know if you require an example. I have a program I need to run soon that has over 6 million lines of code for a sculpture, and I am not sure how to get the Kuka to run it in its entirety in AUTO mode.

Thanks in advance Albert,

I LOVE ROBODK! I get better at it everytime I use it. WAY better the Octopuz...

Mike Rhodes

Furthermore Albert,

Programming and setting up our robot cell is about 10% of my actual duties as an engineer with HGH. I am also a digital artist, Adobe Suite professional, CNC programmer for a GMM 5 axis saw and CNC diamond etching machine + CAD layout designer. This is why I am reaching out for help on quick answers as I am stretched in so many directions! Not your fault of course my friend ;)

You have seen the website!

Maybe I am not using the correct post processor out of Fusion 360. I am currently using the generic Autodesk XYZ router processor in .APT format.

Thanks Albert! Happy Family day.

Mike Rhodes
Thank you for your feedback Mike! We highly appreciate it.

We have post processors for KUKA CamRob and KUKA CNC. However, these are paid options. In my experience, you can get around the issue with long programs by splitting them. 

RoboDK applies this criteria by default:
  • If you use the KUKA KRC4 post processor you'll see a main program that calls all programs in a sequence.program 2, etc.
  • If you use the KUKA KRC2 post processor you'll see a "cascaded" call. For example, if you program is split in 6, at the end of program 1 you'll see a call to program 2, etc.
On the other hand, if you have 6 million lines of code this may bee too much for the controller to handle at the same time, even if the programs are split. This is why KUKA CamRob and KUKA CNC are needed.

We would like to be able to handle this issue with RoboDK by default, without the need of any paid options. I understand this requires a circular buffer that loads points from a file while the robot goes through the movements. 

We look forward to putting the required development efforts to bring this to light if you are open to testing a new post processor. I just had a call with @Dmitry, our KUKA expert, and we can work with you to have an automatic way to load points to a buffer from a CSV file (similar to what CamRob does). It is better if you send us an email mentioning this thread and we'll get in touch with you.

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