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Suboptimal "Ctrl + Z"

Hi there.

I dont know if anyone else suffers with the next issue, but i see it as a bit of a problem:
Lets suppose i drag a frame from position A (x1, y2, z3) to position B (x2, y2, z2) using Alt+mouse, but then i regret it for some reason or just simply want to go back to position A and i had not saved position A as a target. Being in position B i press "undo" or "Ctrl+Z" and the frame would not come back to position A, but instead it will move back a certain undetermined amount in the direction of position A.
So, i would have to press "Ctrl+Z" many times to reach position A, but i would never be sure if i really reached it since i dont know exactly what the coordinates of position A were. Also, it takes more time than needed because instead of just pressing "Ctrl+Z" once and get back to the last "steady" position, it takes pressing many times.

Did i explain myself right? Do you agree with this issue?

Mariano Gonzalez (AKA: Maro Strifezza)
You can activate this setting to group similar actions together:
  • Select Tools-Options
  • Activate the option Group similar actions

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