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Support request using RoboDK for Additive Manufacturing Research

Hi everybody,

For the past two years, we have been successfully using RoboDK to 3D-Print using an Industrial Robot.
We appreciate the ease of use of your software.
Currently we are researching, how tilting the nozzle effects tensile strength. Therefore we want to print tensile test specimens using different angles of the nozzle.
As a first approach, we want to print a specimen were the nozzle is tilted at a constant angle during one print, but keeps the melt in front of the nozzle (see left part of this picture, case I)
Therefore we already opened a thread and got a very helpful answer but another problem occured:

For our research it is important to not only keep the melt in front of the nozzle but to isolate the angle that is in one line with the thread ( βx ) from the angle that is crosswise ( βy ). Here you can find a picture, imagine the thread gets printed along direction x.

With the current settings we only achieve a mix out of the two described angles.

Here you can find all files.

I was thinking if there is a possibility to "stop" the movement at every corner, so that the nozzle can reorientate itself correctly (so that it does not mix up the angles).

We would highly appreciate any solution and feedback.

Kind regards and greetings,

Hi Cathérine, 

There's 2 things you can do here. 

1 - You can simply adjust the orientation of the virtual TCP with respect to the real nozzle orientation. RoboDK will still try to match the TCP with the normals, but the real nozzle will be in the required orientation. 

2 - You can play with these settings (orange first, red if needed):

By default, only the rotation around Z is accessible, but if you select another format from the drop-down menu, you can modify rx and ry as well. 


Hope it helps. 

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