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Synched external axis makes tool head rotate and collide with itself

Good day,

When I generate a program from Robodk, rotation of the turntable makes the toolhead crash into itself, because it is generating a change in "A" axis code. But in the simulation, the head looks steady and straight. I will share my setup as an attachment.

The "A" axis will raise to 180, then lower to -180, up and down repeatedly as the turntable rotates.

My first thought was that the reference frame was setup wrong, so as the table rotates, so does the relation. However, no matter how I changed the reference frames, rotating the turn table always changed the Cartesian coordinate about the "A" axis. I even made a new reference frame and positioned it in front of my TCP, so the relation between the tool frame and reference frame would remain constant as I rotate the turntable. Yet, the value of the "A" axis kept changing in relation to the rotation of the table. I changed the reference frames of the machines and objects individually, but no luck.

I was able to isolate the fault to what I believe is something with the external axis synchronization. However, I am at a loss at this point. I cannot tell if it is a bug, or if I am missing something...

I have a Kuka KRC2, for a KR 150/2 6 axis robot, and an external 7th axis (turntable).

Thank you for your time.

Actually, the X, Y, and A coordinates all fluctuate in relation to the rotation of the turntable. That REALLY makes me think its a relation issue with some sort of reference... but changing any reference frames doesn't seem to matter..

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.rdk   JARVIS ES915 SPINDLE STATION Bravo.rdk (Size: 21.2 MB / Downloads: 113)

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