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Synchronising equipment with Robot simulation

I need to synchronise an equipment  (eg a multi axis machine)  imported in RoboDK with the robot.

I have a file describing machine axis positions= f(t).

I need to know the Robot Simulation time step in order to set the machine in the right position .

How can I retrieve the robot simulation time  step ?

Can I use the plugin Render event in order to update the machine positions ?
Hi Stéph,

You can retrieve the simulation speed and time using the SimulationSpeed and SimulationTime call:
RDK = Robolink()
simtime_speed = RDK.SimulationSpeed()
simtime  = RDK.SimulationTime()

The simulation speed is a ratio that represents how much faster the simulation is compared to the real time. More information here:

It is also possible to retrieve the simulation time using SimulationTime:
(this function has been added today for Python, available on GitHub)


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