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Synchronization Of A Custom 4-Axis Mechanism And Robot


I would like to have a station with a 6-axis robot arm synchronized with a custom 4-axis gantry. The gantry consists of 3 linear axes (X,Y,Z) followed by a turntable (RZ). I am aware that this constellation is redundant because the first axis of the robot is also a rotational axis.
Nevertheless is it possible to achieve this somehow?
So far I tried to model an own mechanism but there is no option for a 4 axis gantry like mine. I also tried to build a mechanism chain consisting of the 'Gudel FP-6-300' mechanism from the online library followed by a self created turn table and the robot. The problem here is that the synchronization of the robot works either only with the Gudel mechanism or the turn table.
I have also attached my current station.

Attached Files
.rdk   Test 4 Axis Gantry.rdk (Size: 1.39 MB / Downloads: 182)

Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible.
You won't be able to create your custom mechanism and even if you did, you wouldn't be able to use the optimization algorithms of RDK with such setup.

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