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Synchronize simulation with real robot


I am using RoboDK V5.2.4 with Meca500 R3 v8.1.9,  

Is there a fast way to synchronize the position of the real robot and the equipment around it with the simulation? 

I am planning to point each device with both, the real robot and the virtual one, and ensure they are at the same coordinates. But I was wondering if RoboDK already has a feature to do so ?

Thank you  
You can see the position of the robot in real-time in RDK if you connect it, you should be able to press the get position to retrieve the robot position. If you use the macro (library) "MonitorJointsReal" you should be able to "spam" get position so the virtual robot is following the real one. For the equipment around it, it depends, are you talking fixed equipment or moving ones.

Fixed one, no problem, moving ones, it depends what equipment we are talking about.

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