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Synchronous real time control of two kuka kr 10 r1100-2 robots
I have 2 KUKA kuka kr 10 r1100-2 robots, I have individually managed to control them in real-time from the robo-dk GUI. I am facing two issues now.

1) I can't run the robots in T1 mode, I have to keep on holding the start key to run the robosync35 file, till the program completes. I am able to bypass this in AUT mode, but when I try to define the linear speed as 1mm/s in the GUI-the KUKA still runs at full speed. To lower the speed I have to manually reduce it in program override mode on the smart pad, keeping it at 1%; How do I solve this issue?

2) How do I simultaneously control both the KUKA in real-time? I have connected both the KRC4 controllers via ethernet to an ethernet switch which is then connected to windows 7 PC. I have assigned different IP addresses for both the KUKAs from the network configuration option available on the smart pad.
can anyone please help me sort this issue? I am still stuck
Hi did you get this sorted? I’m also looking to achieve the same thing with the same robots.

There are some things online about RoboDK being used to control 3 Kuka bots simultaneously using Python..
You should be able to connect multiple robots at the same time by selecting Connect-Connect robot and providing the correct IP for each robot.

Regarding speeds, make sure you set the joint speed and linear speed: the joint speed is used for joint movements and the linear speed is used for linear movements.

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