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TCP Not aligned with path while simulating 3Dprint project

I am trying to 3D print with my staubli TX60 (CS8C) and I am running a simulation on some test gcode and for some reason the nozzle goes between the paths. The print frame is on the same plane as the base frame, and the TCP is correctly defined as seen in the picture. 
The tool is active and selected in 3D print utility. The slic3r setting are correct. 
How can I fix it?

See the attached .rds file. (the slic3r settings are (nozzle and layer height) are overconstrained to have a visible path)


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.zip (Size: 18.86 MB / Downloads: 240)
I just re"update"d the path and everything is fine. 


Did you move the frame after pressing update?
If you did, you need to press "Update" once again.


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.rdk   3D_print_station.rdk (Size: 7.03 MB / Downloads: 233)
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Hi Eduard, 

         I am curious, what sort of end-effector setup have you attached for your 3D printing? 



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