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TCP diffences KRC4 and ROBODK calculation

i have a problem with my TCP calculation. there is a difference in calculation between Kuka KRC4 and RoboDK calculation. i did the calculation with exact the same values.
my robot is a KR210 2700 extra with KRC4 (8.3.33)controller.

the difference is:
x: 294.852/294.962
y 0.303/0.274
z: 103.792/103.210

do they calculate the TCP in a different way?
is it possible that the RoboDK driver for my robot is not correct?
Can i compare the geometry of both systems?

thank you very much for your help!
It's possible that both algorithms aren't exactly the same. We can't access Kuka's maths to compare.

Do you feel like one is more accurate than the other? Like if you simply job with rotation around X, Y and Z, does the TCP keep its cartesian position?

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Hello Jeremy,
thank you for your help! 
i will check if one of the measurement method is more accurate:-). 

There are small deviation on the cartesian position. But with small TCP-adjustments it is perfect:-).

Thank you very much and have a nice day!


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