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TCP is not aligned with path in simulation

I am trying to 3D print with my Kuka KR210 and I am running a simulation on some test gcode and for some reason the nozzle goes below the print. The print frame is on the same plane as the base frame, and the TCP is correctly defined as seen in the picture. I can even see that the Z-height of the tool frame is showing the correct layer heights (starting at 15mm) but in the simulation the TCP is CLEARLY around 100mm below the print surface. Whats going on here?

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Can you share your .rdk station for me to understand the issue?
Make sure the Tool you are selecting in the "Robot Machining Project" or the "3D printing project" is the Kuka Extruder and make sure it's properly activated in you station tree when you are running the program (little green dot).

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