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Target Axis configuration changing randomly

Hello people!

I am having a really annoying problem with RoboDK. For example, I make a program with some targets and it works well. But as I am working on other new programs, when I go back to a program that was working properly, I find out that the axis configurations I left for certain targets are turned around.

I think it is because the robot programs are constantly being "updated", don't know why it works this way but its the most annoying thing to work with RoboDk for me right now... aside from the lag (2nd most annoying thing to work with).

I hope I can get some answers, or maybe if there is a way to "lock" certain target with its parameters.

Thank you all!

UPDATE: I just realized that this happens everytime I close and open the project (I do save before closing). Also, the warning icon appears on the programs, even though they were without it and working properly.
Are you using the latest version of RoboDK? We recently fixed an issue related to what you describe.

If updating doesn't help, please provide a RoboDK project file and steps to reproduce this issue.

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