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Target at instruction not reachable


I know that this topic may have appeared elsewhere but with the issue I encountered, I could not find any suitable solutions. 
I have problems getting the machining robot (the one on the rail) to move to desired location. I thought it was because I have set up things incorrectly, such as did not notice to choose the desire robot other than the default one. Now the target appears at the right position (frame in red circle) and I have linked the correct robot in charge, I want to test only a small linear movement but it still does not work because from my view, this target position is definitely feasible. 

Please tell me what I have to check for and fix this problem. Thank you very much.
If you can share your RoboDK project file we can better take a look.

Thank you for your answer. This is the model for this issue. The issue from thread "Cannot attach object to object" is also included as a part inside this simulation, for your information. Thank you for helping me.

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.rdk   Machining station_4_machining.rdk (Size: 11.28 MB / Downloads: 151)
I have modified your station a little bit:

- Frame 3 moved to the rail parent frame to exclude it from ext.axis movements
- Target 1 (joint type) was created and used to set the proper configuration for the following operations (Machining 1)
- Frame 3 used as a reference frame for the Machining1
- Target 1 used as a start point for the Machining1


- For the circles machining and moving from one to another with an ext.axis the 'Smart Optimization' option was used with the 'Keep Flange' preset:


I suppose that when you created targets another robot was selected. In this case, you can reselect the proper robot and reteach the target like in the 3rd picture. I also created Target 2 and Target 3 example positions:


You can find the modified station in the attachment.

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.rdk   Machining station_4_machining_mod.rdk (Size: 11.29 MB / Downloads: 169)

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