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Target generation's bug with 0 joints positions.
Hello  i generated targets by using python script (in the attachments of the thread)from a csv file. The target's position are  correct  ( x,y,z rx,etc..)but when i move the robot on the target, the TCP is on the wrong orientation and postion.

[Image: l3O3b9V.jpg]

As you can see  the TCP (With the frame Step_gage_holder ) who's supposed to be on the target is actually not it's slightly drift away.

When i click on the target's properties , i got all the joints position set at 0[Image: 0hxdmbn.jpg]

I solved the problem by changing one digit of the position [Image: bC5pVtr.jpg]
I changed randomly the value of RZ ( green square) click on my robot model window and a valid joint position appears. Then the position on the model seemed to be correct.

[Image: 1ahGLwK.jpg]
When i want to generate a robot program with the post-processor feature. The joints position are at 0 expect for the targets who have been "treated" above.[Image: eFT9PVb.jpg]

I got 300 targets , and i can't change all of them one by one .

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