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Target generation's bug with 0 joints positions.

Hello  i generated targets by using python script (in the attachments of the thread)from a csv file. The target's position are  correct  ( x,y,z rx,etc..)but when i move the robot on the target, the TCP is on the wrong orientation and postion.

[Image: l3O3b9V.jpg]

As you can see  the TCP (With the frame Step_gage_holder ) who's supposed to be on the target is actually not it's slightly drift away.

When i click on the target's properties , i got all the joints position set at 0[Image: 0hxdmbn.jpg]

I solved the problem by changing one digit of the position [Image: bC5pVtr.jpg]
I changed randomly the value of RZ ( green square) click on my robot model window and a valid joint position appears. Then the position on the model seemed to be correct.

[Image: 1ahGLwK.jpg]
When i want to generate a robot program with the post-processor feature. The joints position are at 0 expect for the targets who have been "treated" above.[Image: eFT9PVb.jpg]

I got 300 targets , and i can't change all of them one by one .

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Can the target be reached at the time you set the pose?

Make sure you have the correct reference and tool active (using setPoseFrame and setPoseTool respectively).
Also, make sure you properly add the target to the same reference and linked to the robot (optional parameters when calling AddTarget).

If you can share your RDK file we can investigate better.

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