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Target orientation determination from surface


I would like to correct the target orientation on the CAD object's surface using its normal. (by adopting the orientation of the closest CAD point) 

I want to achieve something similar to the "Teach on surface" function's orientation determination. 

I have tried with *.stp and *.stl files. As a sample, I used the examples available in the API documentation. (attachment)

The error: I cannot read the points from the object, invalid curve id.

Can you help me please, how can I fix it?

Attached Files
.rdk   getcadori.rdk (Size: 1.18 MB / Downloads: 129)
I recommend you to use the second example you can find with GetPoints:

You'll find an infinite loop that looks for the hover/selection status on an object and allows you to retrieve the point under the mouse cursor and the normal. This is the example:
from robolink import *    # Import the RoboDK API
import time
RDK = Robolink()          # Start RoboDK API

while True:
   # Check if we have an object under the mouse cursor
   object, feature_type, feature_id, feature_name, points = RDK.GetPoints(FEATURE_HOVER_OBJECT)
   if object.Valid() and (object.type == ITEM_TYPE_OBJECT or object.type == ITEM_TYPE_TOOL):

       # Retrieve the selected feature on the object
       is_selected, feature_type, feature_id = object.SelectedFeature()

       if is_selected and feature_type == FEATURE_SURFACE:
           # Retrieve the mesh related to the surface ID
           point_mesh, name_feature = object.GetPoints(FEATURE_OBJECT_MESH, feature_id)
           print("Selected %i (%i):  %s" % (feature_id, feature_type, name_feature))
           print("Mesh points:")
           for xyzijk in point_mesh:

           # Clear selection or manipulate as necessary

           print("Click the surface to see the mesh")

       print("Object Not Selected. The surface of an object or a tool")

Thanks Albert!

It's done:)
Perfect! Thank you for your feedback.

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