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Target poins extraction


i have .rdk file containing target points as refrence frames for drilling application.
file is containing 1000 holes to be drilled and to teach each and every target points manually is very tiresome and time consuming.

i tried mastercam plugin to generate drilling of holes and transferred to robodk its working ok

but the file which i am having i am not able to open it in mstercam or any other cad software.

is there any other way i can get this points refrence location in terms of xyz and ijk  from .rdk file
Do you have a sample RDK file that you can share?

Some solutions could be:
  1. Import the list of points as [X,Y,Z,i,j,k] (text file). You can do so using Utilities-Import Points. Then, you can setup a Point follow project (from the Utilities menu).
  2. Use a script to iteratively look for reference frames and move there to perform the drilling operation (you can fully customize approach, retract and speeds).
  3. Manually create a program in RoboDK: Create one program that moves to the first reference frame (you'll need a target placed in that reference and you may want to set XYZ to 0, maybe adjust the orientation). You can also define the approach and retract moves in this first program. You can then create a parent program that calls this first program for each hole (reference frame). You just need to change the reference frame before each program call. This would be the most user friendly way of doing it, but not suitable if you have 1000 reference frames.
  4. You could combine option 2 and 3 to easily create the parent program for 1000 holes.

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