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Target position does not match with path in Yumi's project

My colleague is working on a Yumi's single-arm project.

He created a program to move from target 1 to target 2.
However, he noticed the target position and the path location do not match and would like to know whether any steps are  necessary to make them match.

I attached the project file he created.
Look forward to your precious advice!

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.rdk   Yumi sample (1).rdk (Size: 2.57 MB / Downloads: 326)

Thanks for writing in.
If you go to robot parameters and then to Inverse Kinematics options, selecting 'Use Iterative Kinematics' should fix this issue.
Find snapshot attached.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Vineet,

It is exactly what we wanted to know .
Thank you for your help.


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