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Teach Target on Surface issue

Hi, please could you help about issue described below. 
I am trying to create teach target on surface program on object inspection (based Jeremy video)
I moved tool snap tcp to the related possition in to the scan furface firstly. 
Because this tcp was out of scan surface.
So I activate related frame inspection, get teach current surface. 
But camera orientation does not represent 90 degrees from object surface. 
So I corrected camera orientation. 
See picture below - Target 1. 
But when I created new targets orienttion has been different for every targets.
-I do not why camera orientation has been changed as new targets have been created.

- When I was created  new target I did not see new camera surface orientation. 
I saw only previosly camera surface.  
Yo need to see previosly camera surface orientation for best surface coverage.

I think I did some stupid mistakes. 
I know to create all program from approach, scan surface, retract, go home posissitiom subprograms. 
But I am trying to understand this point of issue.

Please, could you check my program and give me advise?
I am only beginner, so mi questions could be little stupid I know.

I will very thnankfool. 

Best regards. 
Mi program attached in attachments.

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.rdk   01C - Inspection - Bonus_my project.rdk (Size: 5.61 MB / Downloads: 186)

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