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The movement of the robot that stops at the limit switch

How would it be possible to make a continuous movement of the robot that stops when the external limit switch gives an input signal?
Yes, this is possible but at this moment it requires some integration with the API, the post processor and/or the driver.

You can use the function SearchL of the API to implement this behavior. This is still experimental and not supported with all robots. If you can share your project we may be able to help you point in the right direction.
Ok, too tight a schedule to do that. How can I make a program where the robot moves for example 10 mm at a time and ends the current program and calls the next program when the limit switch goes to state 0? Should I do it with the insert code operation or how should it be done?
You can use a function such as Pose_Split to split 2 movements by steps of 10 mm:

Also, this example shows a how to implement a binary search algorithm with your robot, something very similar to what you are looking for:
Hi, I managed to make a program where the robot moves 10mm at a time until the limit switch stops the movement and starts another program. But there is still one mistake here. How would I make the program loop end when I call another program, because now that the second program is done, it goes back to the previous program. What command can I use to stop the cycle of the program?

As a matter of fact, I didn't manage to call another program... That is, how can I call another program and stop the running program?

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