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The robot cannot reach all targets in the path

Dear Sir:

Here have a experiment for phone glue dispensing, we used Fusion 360 load 3D model "assy_back_cover_concept_asm_191217_path.stp" and as attached file "Robodk add in.png" to select Curves and Faces of ROBODK ADD-IN to plug in RoboDK.

After we would like hold the phone to around Dispensing Tool, so to reference RoboDK example to finished simulation robot machining and offline programming. Video: Windshield glue dispensing with a Fanuc robot.

Final we met some questions:
1.The robot cannot  reach all targets in the path from Machining Settings to Update. attached file Robot Machining     Update fail.png.
2.The robot move Configuration isn't smooth during simulate.
3.How to re-modify path when the Machining auto generate path not met expect?
Attached simulation rdk file "Maoyi_GlueDispensing_PM3.rdk"


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.zip   Simulation related (Size: 5.05 MB / Downloads: 472)
Hi Maoyi,

I attached the RoboDK project file with your path completed.

I recommend you to follow these steps to accomplish glue dispensing for your phones with the RDK file you provided:
  1. I noticed you defined your TCP Suction cup. You need to enter this TCP on the other tools, even if they are just a path that contain a curve. This will allow you to use that TCP in your program. Make sure to update all toolpaths (Ctrl+U) if you change the TCP once the full program is ready.
  2. Set the Allow tool Z rotation variable to 0 deg (default is 180 deg). This allows the robot to rotate around the Z axis of the tool (or reference frame if you are holding the 3D model). You can use this if necessary. However, many times it is not necessary and it may confuse you with other parameters.
  3. Select Show preferred tool path. This will display a preview of the path the robot is trying to do, showing the preferred tool orientation. You can adjust the tool orientation with the following 2 settings.
  4. Select Teach to try to match the orientation of the current position of the robot for your path.
  5. Select the + button near Teach and select Z+ this will try to align the X axis of the tool toward the Z axis of the reference.
  6. Place your cursor in the Path to tool offset field and move the mouse wheel. You'll see the orientation of the tool change depending on the orientation. You can choose the orientation you would like to have.
  7. Select Update and Simulate. If updating fails, try to change the orientation or the start point.
  8. You may notice the path is partially feasible. The program stops when you hit a limit for joint 6 (negative limit). You basically need to use the full range of axis 6, so you can try by setting the preferred joints for the start point as close as possible to the positive limit of axis 6 (just change joint 6 to 180 deg for example). But even if you try to do so, the 360 deg range you have with this Motoman robot it may not be enough for your path. If you can extend the joint range of joint 6 it would be feasible in one shot.
  9. If you can't change the range of joint 6, the only choice you have is to split the path in 2 and roll back joint 6 or change the robot configuration (as I did in the attached RDK file). 
  10. One tip: I changed the Normal approach/retract to 20 mm instead of the default 100 mm.
I also added a Home target to move the robot before and after each path (MainProgram).



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.rdk   Maoyi_GlueDispensing_PM3 v2.rdk (Size: 559.18 KB / Downloads: 422)

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