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Tool Orientation


I am interested in the following. On the workpiece shown in the image below (red surface), I need to perform a Hammer Peening operation. I generate tool path using the MasterCAM tool. When performing the Hammer Peening, the tool must always be placed perpendicular to the surface.

[Image: slika_0.png.e101463b63081afdc06ce53881c8c4d6.png]
Therefore, I am wondering whether it is necessary to define the orientation of the tool at the stage of preparing the program in MasterCAM or can we define this (tool orientation) later in the RoboDK program and how?

Thanks for your answer.

Hi Mitja,

The orientation of the tool must be defined in your MasterCAM path if you want the best results.
It's possible to modify the orientation inside RDK, but those modifications will always affect the entire path, which doesn't seem to be a good option for your project.

Have a great day.

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