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Tool Orientation Along Path

I am trying to make a dispensing project that will follow a tool path i have created in solidworks and imported into Robodk. Due to company policies i cannot post any images of my project, but i will have a image of the path. i need to keep the orientation of the tool leaning in towards the middle of the part due to features on the part that will obstruct the tool but i want the XY to remain in the same orientation along entire path.

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Hi there,

If I get you right, there are two things to do to fix your problem.
In your Curve Follow Project,
1 - Change the Algorithm from "Minimum tool orientation change" to "Tool orientation follows path". Test to see if wanted result is reached.
2 - If not, change "Allow a tool Z rotation of " to zero and Update, if you end up with a big red X, that means that you have a singularity problem and that your robot needs to rotate around Z to follow the given path. You can change the position of the path in space to find a "singularity free" zone. You can also play with both "Optimization parameters" to find a result that involves a minimum of rotation.

Hope it helps.
I have a diferente problem with follow a tool path. I want to 3D print with a laser. I must not print with the axis Z at 90º with the surface (base). I want to follow the path and change de rotation A and C and make sure that the laser is tilted back. I can't get the tool to rotate in motion.

Please help me.

Best regards,

Paulo Sousa

In the "Machining project" or "Curve follow project" there is a "Path to tool offset" section. With the drop-down menu, select "Fanuc/Motoman". Then you can change rotation around X and Y.
If you press the "+" button, you also have access to more orientation modification options.

Have a great day.

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