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Tool Settings for optical measurements

Dear all,

I am working on a project where a 3D Scanner is combined with a robot. But in case of large objects, the robot is not able to point the Tool(3D-Scanning device) normal to the surface. Is there an option to give a tolaerance angle in RoboDk? For example the tool must not be exact 90 Degreees to the surface but between 60° and 120°?

Thanks for your support!

I'm assuming that you are using the "Teach Target on Surface" feature.
You can't define a range at the moment.

But what you can do is click on either the green or red wheel to your left (green = rotation around Y, red = rotation around X) and then use the arrows from your keyboard to change the orientation of the tool with respect to the part. That should help you find the smallest possible angle relative to the surface normal.


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