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Trajectory for custom robot


we develop our 6DOF custom robot arm. We are trying RoboDK software to generate different paths with orientation constraints e.g. to slide container without spilling any content.

As I stated in the beginning. We are using our custom build 6DOF arm and our controller takes full trajectory and then executes it. 

Let me describe how we understand the trajectory. It is a list of joint trajectory points. Each point consists of joint angles, velocities, accelerations and time from start of movement. 

We want to setup whole scene with all containers, tools etc and robot. Then set some targets which are the waypoints of the path. Generate program which makes our simulated robot move from start configuration to end configuration, going through those waypoints but not stopping one them (if it is not necessary).

Is it even possible to extract path i.e. list of arm configurations from start to end? Maybe it is even possible to get trajectory (as described above)? 

Are we talking a 6-axis serial robot or some type of cartesian robot?

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6-axis serial robot

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