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Trigger Digital outputs before the end of a curve

Using the follow curve, there is already place to add code before and after each curve. but we have equipment with lag (dispensing equipment) and so to not have issues we want to turn off those outputs eg. 0.5 sec or 50mm before the end of the curve. Is this possible?

Using ABB irb6700 on 4.7m travel track.
Hi skibum-engineer,

You can right click the curve follow project program and do "Show instructions", you will see all the moveJ and MoveL of the curve follow project.
You can then put the output triggers at any places you need in the curve follow project program.
Please be aware that when you do that, it remove the link between the curve follow program and the curve settings: if you update the settings, it will create a new program.

Thanks Olivier, 
So this means it would be a manual type of operation with each curve correct? I guess there is room for some type of script to automate adding those in.
Hi Skibum, 

In fact, the best way to do that would be to use the TriggL function from ABB instead of the normal MoveL. 

See the picture below (sorry there's a bit of French in there, but you should be able to get the point).


A small modification to the post-processor should bring us there. If you own a professional license and you are still under maintenance, you can select in RDK "Help"->"Request support" and we'll help you achieve that. 

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