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Trouble with drawing tool


.rdk   rdwg.rdk (Size: 1.21 MB / Downloads: 487)
I have trouble with my project and your help will be greatly appreciated. I am trying to do engraving on a sphere using a pencil tool. I have imported the file through Rhino but not all lines are read by robodk unlike your tutorial video where all lines are marked with green as soon as you import it from rhino. Please let me know where I am going wrong?
Hi Sakshi,

You didn't do anything wrong.
It happens when RoboDK doesn't know where/how to pick the next curve automatically.
It can happen with circular paths like yours.
You will have to select them manually using the "Select Curve" from your "Curve Follow Project".

If you have trouble selecting one curve in particular because they are too close to one an other, go to "Tools"->"Options"->"Display" and reduce the "Pick curve sensibility".

Thanks a lot Jeremy, it worked!

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