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Turntable mechanism replaces robot Base

As title says, when I Synchronize the 1 rotative axis (turntable) with my robot the robot Base will move to the Flange of the turntable. 
Here you can see a reference frame named "GLOBAL" in respect to robot base when the turntable is not synchronized, so the RF GLOBAL and the base is at the bottom of the robot. 

As soon as I synchronize my turntable with my robot as an external axis, this happens on the robot panel:
This is the distance between the bottom of the robot and the flange of the turntable.

The more annoying part comes when I try to generate program with the synchronized turntable. A simple RDK program with a single move and a SetFrame instruction looks like this: 

The target of the JMOVE is in the GLOBAL RF, still when generating the G-Code it gives GLOBAL RF position with respect to turntable RF and not target position with respect to GLOBAL RF.

Also noticed that the problem only occurs with turntables. My robot is on a linear rail and it could be synchronized without any problem.

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Even a linear axis can move the robot base to it's own flange position when it is synchronized. 

Is it possible to sync axes WITHOUT moving the robot base?

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