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Turntable move command problem

Hello everyone,

I am Niko, and i am working on arc welding KUKA robot, with specifications:

Robot type: KUKA KR 60 L30-3 + DKP400 (Turntable)
Controller type: KR C4
KSS Version: KR C V8.3.28

I decide to simulate robot arm in RoboDK simulator, because it is easy to use, and there is a lot of tutorials on internet.

I was able to simulate my robot arm, generate program, transfer it to robot controller and run program without any problem.

Then i decide to program turntable as well. I was able to move it in simulator, generate code, transfer it to controller, but some functions are not recognised by controller. I got following error:


Component not of this type
***PTP {POS:X +1110.952,Y 15.734, Z 150.992, A 76.248, B -1.327,C -179.192,E1 0.00000,E2 0.00000}

Then i made program for turning turntable on robot controller, and took a look at move command:
DECL E6POS XP1={X 1607.28748,Y 56.3830261,Z 1213.14490,A 3.96343279,
B 11.7243891,C -0.0851793811,S 2,T 11,E1 -0.00365960551,
E2 10.2545404,E3 0.0,E4 0.0,E5 0.0,E6 0.0}

If i compare both commands i see that second command has additional "S 2,T 11".

I would be grateful if anyone could help me solve this problem.

Have a great day!

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