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Two rotation axis construction

Hi Albert

I am using ROBOTDK to construct a laser cutting structure with 2 rotation axes AB (which will be installed on the 3 axis in the future). According to the tutorial, the first axis rotates according to the Z axis and the second axis rotates according to the X axis, but the second axis rotation axis parameters cannot be controlled ( Attached file) I do not know what went wrong, please let me know thank you

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.rdk   temp.rdk (Size: 144.84 KB / Downloads: 367)
Hi Jensing,

It looks like the angle between the 2 axes is 45 degrees.
You can build 2 axis turntables with perpendicular axes using RoboDK.

We may need to add this mechanism for you. We'll need PDF with dimensions and STEP files of your mechanism (contact us at


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