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Typo in


I've just discovered a small but important typo in delivered with the latest version of RoboDK for Windows x86 v5.1.3.19822-Release date 2020-11-29.
The file was created on 18 Nov 2020 at 6:14 pm (I don't know if my UTC+3 timezone should be considered).
The typo is on line 5417: time.seep(0.05)

Should be sleep instead obviously.

Update: I'll try to remove an old version completely then reinstall the latest.
Update2: The typo still persists. Moreover, it's in the latest robodk python package as well. I've tried 'pip install robodk' with Python 3.8 and Python 3.7
Hi Kamarado,

Thanks for this post. It's a nice catch.
I transferred the info to our dev team.

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