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UR Robot and orientation


I wonder how it is defined orientation Rot in the case of the robot UR [(X, Y, Z) mm | Rot (u, v, w)]. If I understand correctly it is given with three angles: Roll, Pitch, Yaw. In our case, we are interested in the orientation of the workpiece in the work area. Maybe one example: if we do the calculations ourselves to determine the orientation of the workpiece, than we get: (0.0000 0.0010 -1.7294) rad, but on the other hand, we get in the Robodk environment (0.000 0.000 1.729) rad. We would be interested to know exactly how the orientation is presented in the RoboDK environment for the UR robot. We need to know why we don’t get the same orientation in our case.

Thanks and best regards.


Perhaps to simplify the question a little more, what the marked values in the picture below (attachment) means. Is this orientation represented by Euler angles, RPY angles, Rotation vector or something else?

Thanks and best regards.


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If I understand correctly now, it is a rotational vector. Can anyone confirm this.

Best regards.


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