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UR16e Robot Makes Sounds on every point it approachs except curve.

Good Morning,
I have a Universal Robot (UR16e). I am a beginner in Robotics and started doing the basic programs on the real robot using Robodk and also following tutorials of Jermey Robodk's instructor. My question is Example: I have a program that makes a Rectangle shape while working with a real robot,  it makes a sound at every point of the rectangle. Initially, I have taken a joint move from Home to approach point and then followed by a Linear move on all the points then back to the Home position.
For every program, it does the same. Every point it approaches makes a sound except on-curve points.
The robot noise is most likely due to the fact that the sides of a rectangle are not tangent to each other.
You ask the robot to decelerate and then accelerate instantaneously to make its change of direction, which is not physically possible.
You must either agree to round the corners of the rectangle so that all the segments of the trajectory are tangent, or agree to pause at each end of the sides.

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