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UR3e Activation Network Connection Not Working


I am trying for hours to connect my UR3e cobot to be networked with RoboDK and it's not working. I connected an ethernet cable and the polyscope controller said the network is connected. My ping shows some available local IP Address as follow, and when I run "ipconfig", it shows as an Ethernet 4 connection. And my ethernet network connection shows that as the IP number. I am not sure which one to follow?

Regardless of which IP number I use, I have not been successful to connect to the robot yet, which is very frustrating. Do I need to try a different Robot Port number?

I also tried to turn off Fire Wall of my windows and tried to input Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties with the same IP address and Subnet mask, and that did not work either. 

Show log shares the following information:

Starting robot driver: C:/RoboDK/api/robot/apiur.exe

Error: Process crashed (id 1)
Not started
Sending command...
Driver apiur not running

Please see the attached images and help me to connect to the robot. 

Thank you!

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