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UR5 - Dynamic Force Control

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to achieve a dynamic z-position based on force/pressure in an otherwise simple path follow project. On the RoboDK Blog I read that the easiest way is to create a custom post processor. On Universal Robots website I (I guess) found the needed code lines to implement in the post processor. But now I am wondering which of the 8 UR post processors is the suitable for this task?

Has anyone experience in forc controll applications for UR via roboDK?

Would be very grateful for any tips :)

Here the mentioned websites:
Do you need it as a thread, or just calling the "force_mode()" instruction once at the beginning of a sequence of motion is enough?
If so, I would recommend simply using the "Insert code" feature part of the "Program call" instruction. (Add a program call and use the drop-down menu to select Insert code).

The normal post-processor is best suited for this task.

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