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Unable to "Get with Robot"

I defined my robot mechanism and I am following this tutorial "". 

I am unable to "Get with Robot". 

Additionally, when I try to "Add target", i immediately get "warning" sign on the target stating, "Target is not reachable", even though the robot is positioned at the target itself.

 For better debuggability I am open to share by *.rdk file, but I want to maintain confidentiality of my design.

 Is there any way I can share *.rdk file separately thru confidential means (email? if so which email to send it)?

Thank you for helping.
Your target may not be linked to your robot. 

You can try this:
  1. Right click your target
  2. Select Robot Linked
  3. Select the robot
It this doesn't solve the issue it would be better if you can share your RoboDK file so we can better investigate.
Hello Albert,

I tried your suggestions but was not successful.

I sent you an email through "Contact Details" form that shows on your profile along with link to rdk file.


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