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Unable to use Robot machining Project

Hi !

I have a problem when traying to run the utility "Robot milling project", with a G-code file as an input.

It appears the corresponding tool path in the screen with a long line that seems to go to or come from the 


A message on the screen : " unable to find a starting point ", so I can´t continue.

I use a Kawasaki RS20N model

It is important to say that the same project runs perfectly wit a demo of RoboDK

Would anybody hepl me ?

I attach a few files that can be useful to understand the problem.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rdk   prueba con el patin_5_04_2020_y ruta de bol.rdk (Size: 912.17 KB / Downloads: 425)
Hi Jaisa,

Can you join the G-Code you imported? Seems like the first point was weirdly imported.
Which CAM program did you use to create it?


.zip (Size: 27.13 KB / Downloads: 515)

This is the G-code I wanted to import.

The  program used to generate the G-code  was Powermill

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