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Unexpected error restarting communications

A program that has worked flawlessly for several years has started producing the:

Unexpected error restarting communications

error. This occurs whenever the program hits a RoboDK command other than a MoveJ or MoveL - Set Ref::, Set Tool::, Set IO, Pause - you name it.

The UR5 in question is running SW 3.14.1, and I am running RoboDK 5.0.1. Note that the program worked previously on SW 3.12.1 and RoboDK 5.0.0, but reverting to these two versions does not solve the issue.

Is anyone else experiencing such an issue?
Are you using the robot driver?
Can you provide the RDK file?
Hi Albert.

Thanks for your reply. I figured out the problem shortly after posting - the controller version was set to 1 in the ini file from a previous experiment. Setting it to 3 restores all previous program functionality.

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