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Universal_Robots_Robotiq post processor generated program errors out


I am working with a UR5 robot, equipped with a Robotiq 2F-85 gripper. I need to execute a pick and place trajectory. In order to activate the gripper, I have followed the instructions here (, and added the rq_move_and_wait() commands.

I then selected the post processor as Universal_Robots_Robotiq, and generated the program (PickAndPlaceDetach.urp). I tried running this program on the URSim software, where I get this error:


It seems weird, because the variable OBJ is being defined in the program, but it still throws an error. Similar errors are found for other variables as well. I got past these errors by declaring these variables at the top, outside the main function. But this results in the robot not moving at all, even though the program does not error out.

I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you

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.urp   PickAndPlaceDetach.urp (Size: 9.71 KB / Downloads: 160)
RobotiQ has different versions of their script tools (URCaps) based on the UR controller and the RobotiQ gripper. In short, we integrated the header of the RobotiQ URCap script so we can use the RobotiQ commands such as rq_move_and_wait.

Could you send us a URP and a script file generated manually using the UR controller UI / Polyscope? This will include the default RobotiQ code used by your version of the gripper and we can integrate it in a new version of the RobotiQ post processor.
Hello Albert,

Thank you for replying.
I am not running the script on a hardware setup. Everything is being done in simulation in URSim. I am trying to get the script generated by the post processor to run on URSim, in order to verify the motion of the robot, before I deploy it on the hardware.

If it helps, the URCap version installed in the URSim is UCG- Based on what I have read off the forums, it seems highly unlikely that I can simulate the gripper opening and closing (visually) in URSim. As a result, I just need the generated script to run without any errors. Please let me know if I am trying to do something incorrect here.
I attached an RDKP package that should install updated versions of the post processor to drive the RobotiQ gripper from Universal Robots controllers. It should fix the "OBJ not defined" issue. It uses RobotiQ's URCap Installation node v1.8 instead of v1.6.

If you prefer having the source code of this driver you can send us an email at and we can provide it to you.

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.rdkp   ur_posts.rdkp (Size: 27.49 KB / Downloads: 174)
Thank you for providing the updated post processors. I generated the program using the new Universal_Robots_Robotiq post processor. However, I see this new error show up. Could you please help in resolving it?
This issue could be related to a mixture of using tabs as 2 spaces or 4.

We'll be sending you an email shortly to better troubleshoot.

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