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Unknown URe's moves with RoboDK .URP script

Hello everyone,

I do patterns on RoboDK, no prob with that, software does the job and I can program linear or axial moves, curve's following, tool's set-up, ...I have tricky problems when I transfers programs on my "Universal Robot" 6 axis arm (URe5 model).

First of all, robot failed to execute severals programs because response time is too long. I haven't any ideal of origin of that, simulation is ok so...

Other problem : when I start program, my robot takes a ramdom position before reads command lines. I checked script and I haven't found this instruction or order to take this first position. Moreover, this position charge each time I send updated program (with only name file changed sometimes).

Finally, I want to change TCP and reference frame to move to targets. On script, I see "Set reference" and "Set TCP" command lines, but only TCP line is applicable. "Reference" line has commentary form (# as first typeface) and I can't really erase it then Save As .URP file.

Little help will quite appreciate.

See you.

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