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Unstable and other issues

A few really painful issue for me:

1) The software keeps forgetting license file information every time after restarting the program (not restarting the computer, just the program). So I would loose what I was working on because it won't let me save OR it won't let me input the license code. I had to restart the program, it will be Free (limited), then re-input the license code, and then redo all the work.

2) The program editor also have issue. After generating the program code showing up in the Program Editor, you can only excuse any one command once and it will not response to another command again. For example, go to Help -> About, and a dialog box shows up. And the do the same Help -> About, and nothing happens. And other command won't work either.

3) I was generating program for a KUKA robot. There should be multiple files generated, and only a *.src would show up. What ever was generated wasn't working for the robot.

4) Same thing after I replace the robot in simulation to a NACHi. The generated code looks different, but still it won't work for the robot either.

5) Is there live help available??
To help with your issues:

  1. You should start RoboDK as administrator so RoboDK software can remember your settings (like setting up your license).
  2. I'm not sure I understand the issue with the text editor. In any case, it may be better if you detach your text editor from RoboDK. To do so you should select:
    Tools-Options-Program-Uncheck open programs as embedded windows
  3. You can located the files generated in the default folder for program generation. You can set it up here:
    Tools-Options-Program-Robot programs folder
  4. Can you specify the issues you found? Nachi (AX or FD controllers) require calling numbered programs and do not support triggering named programs. Make sure to properly number your program calls.
  5. We may be able to provide more dedicated help with the purchase of a professional license. Contact us by email for more information.
Hi Albert,

On issue 2, disable the editor opening as an embedded windows solve the issue. : )

On issue 4, is there a different processor for AX or FD controller? I am using a FD controller. But in the list of post processors, there is only the NACHi AX FD to choose from. I am following the tutorial and generated this code:

' Program generated by RoboDK v4.2.4 for Nachi MZ07L on 25/05/2020 18:07:35
' Using nominal kinematics.
' Call program Approach_move:
' Call program SprayOn(1):
' Call program Painting:
' Call program SprayOn(0):
' Call program Retract_move:

There is no joint angle, etc. and the controller can't find 01. And the default folder only shows a *.005 file.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
If you generate a program that contains sub programs you should make sure you call a numbered program. For example CALL 5. And Programs must have a number for Nachi. You should also generate the subprograms as separate files.

Another option is to inline all subprograms:
  • Go to Tools-Options-Program
  • Select Inline subprograms
  • Regenerate your main program and all instructions should be available in your main program
Thanks Albert. I learned a few more things about program structure and this helps! : )

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