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Unwanted Curve Follow Offset

I have a curve follow project with synchronized axes. The TCP of the welding robot follows a path that is parallel to, but offset from, the original curve. 

I do not have any offsets in the path settings. Why could this be happening?
This probably happened because you moved the external axes or the robot after synchronizing the axes. If you move the relationship between the robot and your external axes you should synchronize your system again. Also, if you close and open your RDK project file, the synchronization should be properly set.

I work with @SamuelEStreamline, and we've continued to have this issue of our TCP tracking a curve incorrectly for synchronized motion between two calibrated robots. The issue does not occur when the robots are un-calibrated (or when we used nominal kinematics). Un-synching and re-synchronizing the robots and closing/opening RDK does not have an effect on the offset. We've tested these programs on our actual robot cell and the cell follows the RDK simulation exactly (with the unwanted offset from our path).
Can you share your RoboDK project file?

We can better take a look.
@Albert  I've attached the simulation. Thank you!

Oops, here is the simulation.

Attached Files
.rdk   wasp-hp-0542-leg-welds.rdk (Size: 10.82 MB / Downloads: 207)
This is an interesting setup! I see you use the yellow Fanuc robot as a synchronized "slave" positionner (the yellow Fanuc is the slave of the red Fanuc robot).

This should work but not when the slave Fanuc robot is calibrated. In other words, it works when you use the positionner with the nominal kinematics (right click the yellow Fanuc robot and uncheck Use Accurate Kinematics).

On the other hand, this should work if you don't synchronize the 2 robots (moving one robot at a time). We can take a better look on our end, we can better discuss by email if you already have a license.
Thank you for looking into this. We just sent you an email to continue this discussion.

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