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Unwanted Windows Scaling by RoboDK

When I launch roboDK from a windows form, using the NuGet package, if I show the RoboDK window, it scales the form down without my consent, rendering the text unreadable.  This happens with the tutorial as well.  I'd like to stop that behavior, as it trashes all of the graphics for the application.
Do you have multiple screens with different size or different DPI?
Do you get different behavior if you start RoboDK on one screen or another?

Do you see the same behavior when you run the following example project made using C#?
Make sure the .config file is there.

Do you see the same behavior when you start RoboDK by double clicking the following file?
The SamplePanelRoboDK provided in the Other folder works fine.  So does the StartScaleHighDPI.bat.  However, if I build and run RoboDKApiWinformsApplication, it doesn't.  I get a very small version as shown in the attached JPG.  I can get some semblance of a usable form, by setting the form to inherit the scaling, but this still cuts off the top bar of the window, and looks odd.

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In this case I recommend you to follow Microsoft's guidelines to configure your app with a config file and some DPI awareness guidelines. You can find more information about it here:

This can also be done using the Windows registry as we did with RoboDK.
That worked. Just setting it to be high dpi aware did the trick. Thanks.
Great, thank you for your feedback!

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