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Updated RoboDK now get "Failed to generate program..." error

I extended my license and upgraded RoboDK to version v5.6.0.  Now none of my .rdk projects can generate a program with any post processor selected??

I get this message in a box:

               Failed to generate a program "JSN_GPS_2 using Post Processor "KUKA_KRC4_DAT"
               Post processor path:C:/RoboDK/Posts?

               Python Post Processor process exit code: -1073741701

I have attached my rdk file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

.rdk   JSN_Import_GPS_Smaller_X_Range.rdk (Size: 2.97 MB / Downloads: 152)

SOLVED...The updated software defaulted to using the C:RoboDK/Python-Embedded/python.exe as the Python interpreter in the Tools>Options>Python Tab>Python Interpreter.  I changed this by selecting the C:RoboDK/Python37/python.exe and all is well again.

Hopes this helps the next guy.

Great, thank you for letting us know!

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