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Uploading the rapid program in RoboDK

Hi, i am new to the roboDK, 
there are certain things i would like to ask.
1. how to upload the rapid code from the robot controller to the roboDK? 
I am using the abb 1600 1.45 robot. to find the position of an object I need to pick in a real environment, I have to collect the reference point and work in reference to those points. 
2. to create the target in roboDK by using python, I have x, y, z of the point in space. can I create a path or target on the basis of that only?
can I use python to make it automatic, like for example, the first point is (x,y,z) and there will be 30 more targets as each time y will increase by 5 and z will increase by 20 mm? The next point will be (x,y+5, z+20). now I want to make the path automatically based on those data. can I do that in roboDK? if yes how?
Hi there,

Importing "hand-written" program is not an officially supported feature.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee any result.

I still recommend you give it a try.

Start by building your station with the same robot and tool(s) as in your program.
You can then drag and drop the program in RoboDK's window.

If things turn out well, you can retrieve the movements and the target.
If only the movements appear, select the movements (one or many at the same time) -> "right-click" -> "Select Targets".


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