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Use External Axis for a great amount of points

Hello all, 

I am using the C# API to import a great of points for RoboDK.
In my robotic cell, I have a 6-Axis ABB robot and a Turntable ABB Robot, both linked using the synchronized axis option. 
For this specific case, I want to reach the targets using the turntable robot and not the 6-Axis robot, but in the configurations to reach each target doesn't appear a coaxial tool option (the last two joints are fixed).
How can I solve this issue?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Bernardo,

You should specify the position of your external axes since you are importing targets as poses. You can do so with the setJoints command. You can just impose index 7 and 8 of the joint values. Example:

joints = [0,0,0,0,0,0,e1,e2]

You'll find an example here:


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