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Using RoboDK to access KUKA OfficeLite

Hello Everyone,

I have an already working KUKA robot on the site, it is KRC2 (version=V5.4.9). I need to add this robot as a profibus slave to the PLC and on the existing KUKAs profibus slave I need to add some additional INs and OUTs. I don't know if the robotDK can acess the profibus memory of KUKA.

My idea is to use OfficeLite and the simulator to add new software on the KUKA controller, but I would like to use the RoboDK to control the OfficeLite controller since I cannot do it on the actual controller. Afterwards when I'm done with the programming and I am satisfied how the KUKA is behaving I can change the configuration of the KUKA on the site, unless it is possible to do it with RoboDK?

So basically questions are:

Is it possible to use a RoboDK online programming on the OfficeLite controller instad of the actual KUKA controller?

Is it possible to controlle profibus INs and OUTs over by the RoboDK?
if not, is it possible to use the regular variables and controll those while the simulation is running?

For example to I need to see the movements based on the decisions which will be made by the state of variables that are comminng from the PLC (PLC will controll the KUKA program)

You should be able to control digital outputs without any issues. You can see that in the robot driver (RoboDKSynch.src file) it can set $OUT[] values.

Also, it is possible to trigger specific programs given a numbered program. You should follow these steps:
  1. Select Tools-Options-Motion tab
  2. Uncheck the option: Manage program calls with RoboDK when connected to a robot
  3. Call a numbered program (Example, Program 1). The driver will get the ID of the program and you can implement the action in a switch. You can see an example implementation of the RoboDKSynch.

; To trigger from RoboDK GUI:
; Call Program pr_id
; To trigger from the RoboDK API:
; Call: robot.RunCodeCustom("Program pr_id", INSTRUCTION_CALL_PROGRAM)
SWITCH pr_id
; -- run Program 1 --
; Drill()
; -------------------
; -- run Program 2 --
; Cut()
; -------------------

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