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Using Robotiq gripper with Kinova Gen3 arm

Hello team,

I am trying to use a Robotiq gripper with a Kinova arm for a pick and place operation. The goal is to send the program to the actual hardware using post processors, and perform the pick and place task.

However, the Robotiq gripper needs a Universal_Robots_Robotiq post-processor (based on the guidelines here, whereas the arm uses the Kinova post processor.

In this case, what should the workflow be to integrate the 2 different post processors in one file? Is it possible to control the gripper using the APIs provided by Kinova in some manner?

Please let me know, would appreciate any inputs on this.

Thank you,
I was able to get the gripper working with the GripperPosition function in the generated py file
Thank you for letting us know.

Did you have to apply any changes to the default post processor? Different versions of the controller or RobotiQ gripper may require some adjustments.

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