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Using Trial version for commercial purposes


Can I use a Trial version of RoboDK for commercial project? The description in Pricing section isn't very clear for me and I don't understand meaning of 'evaluation purpose' in that description.

All I want to do is to use RoboDK to make a visualisation (animation and some static images) of a new production line, where some robots are doing their tasks (movement, picking etc.). I can do it in a CAD software but using a software like RoboDK will be a lot easier, especially when movement of robots aren't simple.

It's clear for me that Educational version is not suited for commercial use and I will be very thankful if someone explain me if I can use Trial version for purpose described above (visualisation).
You should use the free/trial RoboDK version for evaluation purposes only.

If you are using the free/trial version of RoboDK internally for a quick concept/layout in your factory and the features provided with the free/trial version of RoboDK are enough, then you can continue using the free/trial version.

In any case, you'll have less restrictions with the RoboDK Professional version, such as saving your project with multiple robots. You'll also be able to create unlimited robot simulations and robot programs.
Thanks Albert for response. Now everything is clear for me.

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