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Using multiple instances of the palletize function in 1 program

I am trying to create a program where I have a series of products in a box. The robot picks a product out of the box (depalletizing), does some product handling related movements, and then proceeds to place the product in another box (palletizing) before starting the cycle again with the next product from the first box.

My problem is that the palletize function wants to create a main program cycle (where i can call other programs in) but as i am creating 2 palletize functions I am unable to get the desired result.

Is there a way I can create the program I want (without having to manually call each individual move created by the palletize function)?

Added is an image of the situation. The red arrow marks the box the products (grey boxes) are taken from and the yellow arrow marks the box the products are placed in. The products have to be placed in the box (yellow arrow) the same way they are organised in the pick box (red arrow).

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Hi Tico,

The palletizing function is quite new and still in "beta".
It's not possible to do what you described for now. But it's a very good point. I'll forward that to the Dev working on that feature.

As for now, you will need to add these movements manually.

Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for the response. I guess I will just use the palletizer to automatically generate targets for now.

As for forwarding it to the devs, in my opinion the easiest way of using a palletizing function would be to be able to generate a palletizer program that (de)palletizes 1 object every time it is called in a program (cycling through the pick/place positions as it gets called again).

Hope the feedback can help development.

Hi Tico,

My dev answer was "I like that idea".
So let's see what comes out of it. But don't wait for it, it might take some time before he has time to put into it.


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