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I am VERY new to the robot world.  I have  managed to connect to  KUKA KR 6 R900 sixx and get the 'position' as in the examples.  I am however having a problem commanding the arm/joints to move.  AGAIN VERY NOVICE, i can't even move them in the RoboDK GUI.  I want to use the API to command the moves from other apps (Matlab and such), I called and was I was told I don't need the license at this time.  Can someone post or send me a small sample program (Script) so I can use to diagnose what I may be doing wrong? 

Apologies if this is the 1000th time you are seeing this question, but it is new to me :)

Thanks. FG
What type of movements are you trying to run?
Can you share the RDK file of your project?
Hi Albert,

I was using the RoboDK GUI. A colleague just pointed out that I had placed the SCR file in the wrong folder and was not running after all. Now I am able to send 'get' and 'send' commands. My next task is to write the commanding from Matlab or Labview.

Thanks for your quick response!

PS. I have a feeling I will be visiting this forum more in the (near) future.

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